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If you find yourself in a position where you need help; find an attorney who can represent you as an individual, find an attorney who knows the system, and who will protect your rights. There are attorneys who can help you get through this time in your life, and who can make it a little easier. For some people, just receiving a lawsuit, having to speak with attorneys, being arrested and charged, or navigating the legal system, can be very traumatic. Whoever you hire as an attorney should be able to understand this. A good attorney will communicate with you and keep you informed about this case; he or she will listen to your concerns; but will also be up front about the situation. You may be dealing with a difficult situation; but your life does not have to be over just because of a legal issue, a divorce or custody situation, a false accusation or one mistake. Seek out a person who can help.  
Personal Liberty, Individual Rights, Constitutional Freedoms

Sarah C. Morris' practice seeks to protect the rights of persons, as individuals. Constitutional guarantees of individual rights; protected by checks and balances on government systems, enable attorneys to whole-heartedly represent their clients in court. Our justice system is one characterized as adversarial; meaning, each side is allowed to present its case and put up their best arguments, and a judge or jury will be able to find the truth in that. The justice system allows for you to have an advocate. Someone who is completely on your side; and is required to represent you zealously. However, because the system is adversarial, you do need an attorney who will provide you with competent and caring representation. Sarah C. Morris founded her law practice on the belief that each person; has a constitutional right to a presumption of innocence; that each individual has a right to be heard by his attorney and by the jury. As an attorney, one must understand the constitutional value in protecting and representing the personal rights of every person. If the rights of some are diminished and destroyed without just process, then the rights of all are effected and will vanish