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Attorney at Law                                      
Sarah C. Morris

Practice Areas Include: 

Family Law

-  Divorce
-  Custody Disputes
-  Modification of Orders
-  Mediation
-  Agreed Orders
-  CPS
-  Child Support

Criminal Defense Law

-  DWI Defense (Including Blood and Breath Test Cases;      
    DWI Expert Testimony)
-  ALR Hearing 
-  Occupational Driver's License 
-  Nondisclosures and Expunctions
- Juvenile Offenses
- Juvenile Records Sealing
- Possession Cases and Drug Crimes 
- Criminal Mischief
- Trespass
- Property Crimes 
- Buying or Receiving Stolen Property
- Fraud
- Forgery 
- Guardianship 
- Computer Crimes
- Disorderly Conduct

General Legal Counsel Issues

-  Wills and Estate Planning
-  Traffic and Class C Citations
-  Personal Injury

Pre Litigation Counsel

- Pre-Nuptial Arrangements 
- Divorce and Custody Suit Preparedness
- Contract Review
- Alternative Dispute Resolution
- Letters of Demand

Business Law

- Bankruptcy 
- Business Disputes
- Business Torts
- Construction
- Corporate Counseling 
- Employment Litigation
- Discrimination
- Financial Services 
- FTPA Violations
- Insurance Coverage
- Product Liability
- Tort Claims and Tort Defense 
- USERRA Cases

Areas of Practice
If you are facing a legal issue, there are laws designed to help you. The civil and family legal arenas can be difficult to navigate. You may need someone to protect and help you.
The criminal justice system can sometimes process defendants without seeing them as individuals. The forefathers saw this danger and they wrote laws to check the system. You have certain rights and protections. Find an attorney who will stand for your rights; one who will put in the research and effort necessary, one who will look closely at your case.